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Zamora Beauty Academy 

Thank you for your interest in Zamora Beauty's

Permanent Makeup Academy! We are so excited to now be offering our very much anticipated training courses! There will be trainings for those who are just getting started in the PMU world as well as those who just need some advanced training to help enhance and perfect their current techniques.


Below you will find any and all information regarding our courses, pricing, availability, and the reason most of you are here today: how to become AAM Board Certified in

the state of NJ!

If you would like to schedule a discovery call or have any additional questions please feel free to let us know! We are looking forward to helping you with your pmu career!

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AAM 100hr Course 

For the 100 hour AAM NJ State certification course, we offer small and intimate classes which fosters a better learning environment and enables a more personal experience.

2-Day Microblading Glamour Brows Training

Our 2-Day Beauty Angels Microblading Training is a course for artists looking to add to their service menu, perfect their technique and hone their craft under the supervision of a AAM Platinum/Beauty Angels Master Trainer.  


1 Day Advanced Powder Brows Training

A 1 Day Advanced Beauty Angels course where you can expand upon your artistry and skill with undivided and hands-on attention. 

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Want More Information?

Share your contact information with us so we can set up a call and help you take your next steps!

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